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[ARMv6] Fennec for armv6 fails to respond to tapping links


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Fennec for armv6 fails to respond when tapping on links most of the time. 

Steps to reproduce:
1. Go to
2. Search for anything
3. In the result page, try tapping on any result link.

Fennec should go to the link as requested.

Tapping on a link have a chance to be ignored by fennec. i.e. nothing happens after tapping on a link, even though we could see the link is getting focused.

Build used: nightly for armv6 (20120709)
Devices used: HTC Wildfire S, Samsung Galaxy Fit, Samsung Galaxy Gio.
Platform: 2.3.x
I am trying to figure out what could be causing this issue.

Do the 3 tested phones all fail with the same frequency? The Galaxy Fit has a fairly small screen, but the Wildfire and Galaxy Gio seem to have 320x480 screens and decent processor speed & memory.

Can you attach some logcats?
Try checking the logs on a debug build.
The logs are obtained from Galaxy Gio, with nightly debug build from 20120716. I've performed this a bunch times and those logs seem to be there every time there's a non-responsive tapping on links from google search.
Whiteboard: [ARMv6]
Should I get a debug build to gather more information?
Thanks for the offer to get more data. I think for right now we have enough info. We are starting to work on important armv6 bugs. Hopefully we can get this sorted out.
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