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Permaorange Android test_webgl_conformance_test_suite.html | [conformance/textures/tex-image-and-sub-image-2d-with-image.html] Test failed - getError expected: NO_ERROR. Was INVALID_OPERATION : should be no errors


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Permaorange, but filing so I have something to star until resolved.

What I know so far:
* The last native Android M1 green was , which is 20 hours ago.
* Bug 767064 landed (, turning M1 orange (
* Bug 767064 was backed out by RyanVM in
* However M1 is still orange, this time with another error:
* My first thought was that something else landed after bug 767064 which had broken things further, but bug 767064 didn't cause a [aborts the suite] type failure and yet the new failure doesn't appear in the logs right until the backout.
* I've tried clobbering, but that didn't help:
The backout diff also seems to match the landing exactly, so doesn't appear to be a problem with the backout.
Regression range:

(and keep on pressing the downarrow until you see the first green)

jmaher has tried running locally and gets:
I/GeckoDump( 1559): 44187 INFO TEST-KNOWN-FAIL | /tests/content/canvas/test/webgl/test_webgl_conformance_test_suite.html | [conformance/glsl/functions/glsl-function-sign.html] Test failed - Error in program linking:
I/GeckoDump( 1559): FAIL: Error in program linking:
I/GeckoDump( 1559): STACK TRACE: 
I/GeckoDump( 1559): draw@http://mochi.test:8888/tests/content/canvas/test/webgl/conformance/resources/glsl-generator.js:387
I/GeckoDump( 1559): @http://mochi.test:8888/tests/content/canvas/test/webgl/conformance/glsl/functions/glsl-function-sign.html:45

and lots of other errors like:
E/GeckoConsole( 1559): [JavaScript Error: "*** Error loading shader '[object WebGLShader]':INVALID_VALUE"]
Blocks: 728524
No longer blocks: 767064
Bug 728524 has been backed out in, so we shall find out soon enough if that was what caused this :-)
I've build fennec locally and don't see that error on Asus Transformer Prime device.
Clicked on "textures" run
Make sure you are running in the mochitest harness (TEST_PATH=content/canvas/webgl make mochitest-remote) as that could yield different results.  I was able to reproduce this 100% of the time.  After spending 2 hours trying to narrow the test case down with no luck, I caved into the 'lets back this out' mindset.  

If the test cases are not easy to figure out, others will not be able to aid in debugging them.

This was a failure in 4 files:
Whiteboard: [orange]
Resolving WFM keyword:intermittent-failure bugs last modified >3 months ago, whose whiteboard contains none of:
{random,disabled,marked,fuzzy,todo,fails,failing,annotated,time-bomb,leave open}

There will inevitably be some false positives; for that (and the bugspam) I apologise. Filter on orangewfm.
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