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"ASSERTION: aNode isn't in mRange, or something else weird happened" after failed justifyright


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###!!! ASSERTION: aNode isn't in mRange, or something else weird happened: 'NS_SUCCEEDED(res) && !nodeBefore && !nodeAfter', file content/base/src/nsContentIterator.cpp, line 1437
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The test case seems awfully obfuscated.  If you're going to use DOM methods instead of just an HTML serialization, you can do stuff like

  document.documentElement.setAttributeNS(null, "contenteditable", "true");
  allNodes[1] = document.createElementNS("", "div");
  allNodes[1].setAttributeNS(null, "contenteditable", "false");
  allNodes[2] = document.createTextNode("x");
  (allNodes[1] || document.documentElement).appendChild(allNodes[2]);


  document.documentElement.contentEditable = true;
  var div = document.createElement("div");
  div.contentEditable = false;

What's the || business there even supposed to do?  allNodes[1] is certainly not null, so everything after it will just be ignored . . .

Similarly, this

  r0 = document.createRange();
  r0.setStart(allNodes[3], 1);
  r0.setEnd(allNodes[3], 1);

could be just

  getSelection().collapse(allNodes[3], 1);

This kind of change would make the tests a lot easier to understand . . .
Jesse's test cases are usually auto-generated using a fuzzer.  :-)
Yeah, I usually make those kinds of transformations manually before filing bugs.

This is roughly the form I use for automated reduction.  (The "||" allows the children of a removed node to remain in the document, for example.)
The fix for bug 887631 didn't take care of this one, fwiw.

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