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Rev Dash: Recent changes dashboard


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In Deki there is a "recent changes" page:

I for one prefer a revision dashboard page over feeds and badly miss it in Kuma right now.
A couple of thoughts:

* Create such a dashboard with the main edit activity as the default view

* Allow filtering by
  - language (bug 559003)
  - "namespace", that is show all docs edits under a tree, e.g. /en-US/docs/CSS/ (useful for our topic drivers)

* I could also imagine to use this page to display all available feeds (bug 771272)

* This page could actually allow us to see (through filter options) all kinds of changes what the various feeds do as well. (flags, attachments, user account creation, tags, ...)

What do others think?

(In my opinion priority is like "why don't we have it already", but that's probably a personal thing)
I also don't use RSS feeds for that, so this is a must, with high priority after the Kuma Launch).

Filtering is a need and a definitive improvement on Deki.

Edition of flags, attachments, tags should be listed there. We got some spam on tags/attachments and we need to watch all changes on pages at one places to fight spam.
Priority: -- → P2
I am working on a mockup for this dashboard now. I have a first draft that I've run by some folks on IRC. When draft 2 is done, I will attach it here.
Here's a mockup of what I'd kind of like to see here. The "Read" column and "Mark read/unread" buttons assume we can figure out a way to implement tracking of what stuff each user has looked at. I don't know if that's realistic, but it's something I make use of regularly with RSS feeds (I leave unread stuff that are complicated and will take more time than I have at that moment to review, especially when I'm doing a quick scan of the changes on my iPad).

Florian has offered some good feedback, which is incorporated in this version of the mockup.
I don't think we need the Read and Mark read/unread feature, at least in a version 1.

At least I don't use this (I use the color of the link to know if I have gone to a given diff)

The rest look ok for me.

I don't know if it is ok for Janet, who needs it for her State of the Docs blog post.
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Component: Docs Platform → Editing
Here's the Balsamiq mockup file. Enjoy!
As a reviewer, I want to view changes by a particular user, so that I can find and review all their recent changes at one time.

As a site admin, I want to view changes by a particular user, so that I can draw inferences about their behavior (clueless newbie, spammer, vandal, drunk-editing, etc.)
Component: Editing → Dashboards
Summary: Kuma: Recent changes dashboard → Rev Dash: Recent changes dashboard
Depends on: 837206
Depends on: 837222
We do have a revision dashboard for a long time and David is currently making it moar awesome.
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