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Upgrade to latest stable release of mysql (3.23.x)


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Some functionality was needed in that probably comes in 3.23.x.
Blocks: 76765
FWIW, I run bugzilla on MySQL v3.23.33 and haven't noticed any problems. 
However, I also don't have nearly the amount of users using it that
has nor do I use all of its features.

I also originally install 3.23.33, not upgraded so I can't speak for that
Pulling myself off from individual tickets.
Assignee: rko → mbaur
Moving to Steve.
Assignee: mbaur → scbrown
Blocks: 103885
When this bug was originally filed, the latest stable version of mysql was
3.23.37.  Now the latest stable version is 3.23.43.  Unless there was a
particular reason to upgrade to .37, we should upgrade to the latest stable release.
Summary: Upgrade to mysql 3.23.37 → Upgrade to latest stable release of mysql (3.23.x)
Before upgrading to 3.23.x we have to make sure that some changes in SQL
functionalities won't break bugzilla. Those of you who are familiar with SQL
within bugzilla should go to following URL:

3.23.x can still support old ISAM table types and we can do necessary isamchk
operations but someone else have to check the SQL compatibility issues.
I'll remove this as dependency for the bugzilla upgrade. It's probably not 
better to do these same time after all. Reason being that we don't want to add 
potential failures and want to eliminate SQL syntax differences between 3.22.x 
and 3.23.x as possible cause for problems.

New ETA: 1/31/2002 (we don't consider this as a high priority project at the 
No longer blocks: 103885
Reasons for not delaying the upgrade:

b.m.o. users regularly experience queries that time out.  MySQL 3.23 gives us
long query logging which enables us to identify those queries and fix them (or
fix the database schema if that is the problem).

MySQL 3.23 also fixes a bug in temporary table creation that we have had to work
around by writing all temporary tables to disk, increasing our disk space
resource requirements and decreasing our performance.  This is only one of a
number of performance improvements in recent versions of MySQL.

Our database server has crashed twice in the last few weeks leaving Bugzilla
down for several hours each time.  A number of crasher bugs have been fixed
since our version of MySQL was released, so there is a significant chance of
fixing this problem with an upgrade.

MySQL 3.22 is reaching the end of its life cycle.  MySQL 3.23 has already been
through 44 revisions, and the MySQL developers are now focusing their efforts on
the recently released MySQL 4.0.  By remaining on MySQL 3.22 we risk losing
support for identifying and resolving bugs like the crash mentioned above (since
at this point almost any support response is likely to be "upgrade your servers
to a non-ancient version") and a more difficult upgrade process if a serious bug
is discovered in MySQL and only fixed in a revision to 3.23 and 4.0.

We also risk holding back Bugzilla development or being left behind by it as the
Bugzilla project implements features that work better/only with the SQL
implementations in newer versions of MySQL and as the project standardizes its
SQL in preparation for multi-database support (ANSI-standard SQL is much better
supported in 3.23).

Hundreds of engineers and managers inside AOL/Netscape/CPD and thousands of
Mozilla community members depend on b.m.o. daily to track and manage their work.
 The AOL technology division is now evaluating Bugzilla as a replacement for
their current bug tracking system, and b.m.o. is an important component in that
evaluation.  Proper care and feeding of the b.m.o. server has a big impact on
the company and is a high priority for this organization.

Upgraded mysql to 3.23.44 tonight.
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