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5 years ago
I think it would be cool to interact with the self-serve API (TBPL/buildbot) from mach.


 $ ./mach buildbot active mozilla-central

 <displays summary about active mozilla-central builds>

 $ ./mach buildbot failed services-central:8c74c9a515c7

 <show details about failed builds for rev 8c74c9a515c7 on services-central>

 $ ./mach buildbot resubmit-failed services-central:8c74c9a515c7

 <reschedule all failed builds for a specified build>

I'm not a huge consumer of the self-serve API, so I'm not sure what others would find most useful.

The first step is implementing a generic Python client for the self-serve API. I believe this kinda, sorta exists at The CLI frontend should be relatively easy to implement from there.

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5 years ago
I'm skeptical that this has a lot of value in general when you can just visit the relevant webpage. I think we have more important things to work on.

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5 years ago
It isn't a high priority in my personal list either. But, I think it could be useful to some. If someone wants to build it, the bug is on file.

There are also parts of the TBPL web UI that stink. e.g. rescheduling all failed builds. This could be automated in a CLI interface. Or, the self-serve web API could be made better. Hence why Ed Morley is CC'd.


5 years ago
Component: Build Config → mach

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5 years ago
TBPL is just another consumer of self-serve; clarifying summary.

I'm not sure how much use a CLI version of self-serve will be, but as you say doesn't hurt to have the bug filed if someone wants to take it up :-)

However I agree that there are a lot of improvements that we could make to self-serve itself; eg multiple retriggers/cancellations etc. Sadly I don't really know much about it / how it interacts with buildbot and haven't had the time to learn yet. If you/anyone else wants to work on it, catlee is the person to ask.

There isn't a component for self-serve, so the bugs are fairly scattered around & inconsistently marked (both whiteboard 'selfserve' and 'self-serve' has been used, as well as 'buildapi' in places).
Summary: mach frontend to self-serve API (TBPL) → mach frontend to self-serve API (CLI version of
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