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browser.urlbar.autoFill subtly auto-selects from suggestion list without clear indication of behavior


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Build ID: 20120713134347

Steps to reproduce:

First of all, I think Firefox silently updated over night from 14.0.0 to 14.0.1, because Firefox updated to 14 yesterday or the day before, and then this never happened until today:  I Typed in a VERY MOST FREQUENTLY EVERY WORK-DAY used URL, without any protocol, along the lines of "" (not the actual website).

This is a website I have been developing for well over a year, so the vast majority of its uses on my machine are and rarely ever just

I believe I was on a blank tab when I did this.

Actual results:

Firefox redirected me to, which I have not visited since a few MONTHS ago.  After retyping the URL a few times, I finally noticed that "" was the third item in the auto-complete suggestion list, and that instead of appearing as a purple link like the other items, it was black and bold.  (The caption "Switch to tab" was also present, probably because the current tab was now, what with me having attempted to retype a few times.)  The intended was the fourth item in the list.

Without any sort of highlighting (aside from the extremely subtly increased font weight) to indicate that was selected, it was automatically inserted when I pressed ENTER.  This should NOT have happened because A) I didn't to type "https://" into the address bar, and B) I neither clicked on "" nor arrowed down to highlight it.

Expected results:

Firefox should have browsed to, that is, with default HTTP protocol, and not HTTPS protocol.

Setting browser.urlbar.autoFill to false resolved this issue, but since browser.urlbar.autoFill has been around for a while already and this has never happened, I don't think "browser.urlbar.autoFill = true" is behaving the way it's supposed to.
Thank you for your Reports. It's a known/already tracked Issue.
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Duplicate of bug: 769994
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