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Kuma: KumaScript - Need a way to get a subpage list


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We need support for building a tree of subpages of a page. We use this to automatically build many landing pages. See for the command we use on MindTouch to do this.
Off the top of my head: We need support in Kuma to assemble a list of child pages for a page.

There could be some performance concerns to keep in mind, though: Some subpage trees are HUGE - ie. 100's to 1000's of subpages on just one level, to say nothing of what recursive descent would dredge up.

Rather than simply adding subpage lists to env vars or the $json view on pages, I think we'll need a special-purpose JSON view in the wiki just for querying the tree for a given page. Support the depth parameter.

Making it a special-purpose view will help make sure a tree only gets queried and assembled when we really want it. That is, not on every page view.
(Oh yeah, and when we have this data available as a JSON resource in Kuma, we can then fetch it from KumaScript and wrap that process in a convenience method in an auto-required module.)
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Moved out of this release as per our discussions in the planning meeting last week.
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Doing a little bug reorganization here. This bug is superseded by bug 810019, which we are working on now.
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