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When mozbrowser does, the opened window should be OOP iff the opener is OOP


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Not set



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UI Test App comes up with a rounded rectangle white window, much like bug 776086
Blocks: browser-api
All core apps need to run OOP
blocking-basecamp: --- → ?
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Depends on: 782971
Ouch, I'm seeing

> [Parent 8899] ###!!! ASSERTION: ShowRemote only makes sense on remote frames.: 'mRemoteFrame', 
> file ../../../../src/content/base/src/nsFrameLoader.cpp, line 890

and later

> ###################################### forms.js loaded
> JavaScript error: chrome://global/content/BrowserElementChild.js, line 672: redeclaration of const 
> ContentPanning

Neither of these looks good!
Attached patch WIP, v1 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
The problem was that we weren't forcing the frame created by to run out-of-process!

This fixes things, but I need to figure out how to write a test, and also whether we have the inverse problem: Can in-process apps attempt to spawn out-of-process popups?  That would also be bad.
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Blocks: 782400
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Setting remote=true for OOP popups is neither necessary nor sufficient to fix the OOP bug; I set the attribute only because we have to set it in the in-process case, and it would be weird for content to see remote=false but never see remote=true.

Setting remote=true doesn't do anything because our OOP loading code (nsFrameLoaer::SetRemoteBrowser) doesn't ever call nsFrameLoader::MaybeCreateDocShell(), which is what would end up reading the remote attribute.  We could change the frameloader code to call MaybeCreateDocShell(), if you preferred, but I think this is clearer.
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Summary: UI Test - doesn't work properly when run OOP → When mozbrowser does, the opened window should be OOP iff the opener is OOP
Funny, I'm sitting on a patch to do this for bug 781725 :).
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Patch, v1

I think CreateIframe should take 3rd parameter to say whether the element
is remote or not and set the attribute inside CreateIframe.

With that, r=me
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Tests, v1

>+// We need to open OOP frames when the OOP-by-default pref is /off/, and we
>+// similarly need to open in-process frames when the OOP-by-default pref is
>+// /on/.
>+// Since the name of the test determines the OOP-by-default pref, the "inproc"
>+// version of this test opens an OOP frame, and the "oop" version opens an
>+// in-process frame.  Enjoy.  :)
This is über-confusing. Could you explain *why* OOP /off/ means need-to-open-OOP.
It seems that that is just what you're testing, but please say so.

/me crosses fingers this actually passes on try ;)
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> Could you explain *why* OOP /off/ means need-to-open-OOP.

You're right, I should be more explicit in the bug and say that it appears when you create an OOP frame when oop-by-default == false, or when you create an inproc frame when oop-by-default == true.

Thanks for the reviews!
Blocks: 783644
Hi Justin, could you please take a look at bug 778300? still doesn't work properly for us when calling it from an OOP app (Alarm-Clock). Is that because of the wrong calling of
Alarm should be a notification not
(In reply to Andreas Gal :gal from comment #14)
> Alarm should be a notification not

Really?  Last time I checked, we showed the incoming call screen using  The alarm-is-sounding screen sounds pretty similar, at least at first glance.
I guess up to the UX design. In any case, the underlying bug has to be fixed since it will hit the dialer case.
Depends on: 820749
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