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Build failures on Windows, with "OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '../dist/bin/webapprt/chrome.manifest.lck'"


(Firefox Build System :: General, defect)

Windows 7
Not set


(Not tracked)



(Reporter: emorley, Assigned: glandium)



Filing this to have something to point at whilst waiting for retriggers.

Starting on:

Win32 PGO is permared:

make -C content libs
make[8]: Entering directory `/e/builds/moz2_slave/m-in-w32-pgo/build/obj-firefox/webapprt/test/content'
e:/builds/moz2_slave/m-in-w32-pgo/build/obj-firefox/_virtualenv/Scripts/python.exe /e/builds/moz2_slave/m-in-w32-pgo/build/config/ -t "/e/builds/moz2_slave/m-in-w32-pgo/build/webapprt/test/content/helpers.js" "/e/builds/moz2_slave/m-in-w32-pgo/build/webapprt/test/content/webapprt_sample.html" "/e/builds/moz2_slave/m-in-w32-pgo/build/webapprt/test/content/sample.webapp" "/e/builds/moz2_slave/m-in-w32-pgo/build/webapprt/test/content/sample.html" ../../../_tests/testing/mochitest/tests/webapprt/test/content
make[8]: Leaving directory `/e/builds/moz2_slave/m-in-w32-pgo/build/obj-firefox/webapprt/test/content'
make[7]: Leaving directory `/e/builds/moz2_slave/m-in-w32-pgo/build/obj-firefox/webapprt/test'
e:/builds/moz2_slave/m-in-w32-pgo/build/obj-firefox/_virtualenv/Scripts/python.exe /e/builds/moz2_slave/m-in-w32-pgo/build/config/ ../dist/bin/webapprt/chrome.manifest "manifest components/components.manifest"
make[6]: Leaving directory `/e/builds/moz2_slave/m-in-w32-pgo/build/obj-firefox/webapprt'
make[5]: Leaving directory `/e/builds/moz2_slave/m-in-w32-pgo/build/obj-firefox'
make[4]: Leaving directory `/e/builds/moz2_slave/m-in-w32-pgo/build/obj-firefox'
make[3]: Leaving directory `/e/builds/moz2_slave/m-in-w32-pgo/build/obj-firefox'
make[2]: Leaving directory `/e/builds/moz2_slave/m-in-w32-pgo/build'
make[1]: Leaving directory `/e/builds/moz2_slave/m-in-w32-pgo/build'
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "e:/builds/moz2_slave/m-in-w32-pgo/build/config/", line 40, in <module>
    addEntriesToListFile(sys.argv[1], sys.argv[2:])
  File "e:/builds/moz2_slave/m-in-w32-pgo/build/config/", line 19, in addEntriesToListFile
    lock = lockFile(listFile + ".lck")
  File "e:\builds\moz2_slave\m-in-w32-pgo\build\config\", line 44, in lockFile
    fd =, os.O_EXCL | os.O_RDWR | os.O_CREAT)
OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '../dist/bin/webapprt/chrome.manifest.lck'
make[6]: *** [libs] Error 1

The failures have happened on multiple slaves & at least several have been clobbers.

The last green Windows x86 PGO build was on:
(wasn't a clobber)

Regression range:

However this presumes this isn't a failure that only occurs after a clobber, otherwise the range would be much more like:

I have clobbered all inbound Windows builders and retriggered another PGO on:

In addition, jfkthame is seeing this on Try, on Windows non-PGO builds (both opt and debug):
(The push was based on inbound 9d8425b8e1cd)
Assignee: nobody → mh+mozilla
Blocks: 770426
Let's say it's fixed by the backout.

I attached a fixup in bug 770426.
Closed: 9 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Product: Core → Firefox Build System
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