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explain histogram vs. evolution on main telemetry page after log-in


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When you log into telemetry you're presented with a choice of Telemetry Histogram or Telemetry Evolution. These need explanations.
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Waiting on desired content/copy from Telemetry to add as the explanation, and the Px.
Target Milestone: Unreviewed → Backlogged - BZ
Histograms -> Aggregated view of histograms submitted by Firefox
Evolution -> View that tracks how histograms change over time
Priority: -- → P2
Whiteboard: [Telemetry:P2]
Target Milestone: Backlogged - BZ → Targeted - JIRA
Whiteboard: [Telemetry:P2] → [JIRA BIV-69] [Telemetry:P2]
Should we assume that people know what "histogram" means? Here are a couple of other suggestions for the descriptions.

Histograms -> Bucketed view of Firefox Data in vertical bar charts
Evolution -> View Firefox histogram data changing over time
Matej - This bug contains the second category of Telemetry descriptions that we discussed today. Our assumption should be that the users accessing this system are technical users but may not be experts in statistics.
A couple of small tweaks:

Histograms -> See a bucketed view of Firefox data in vertical bar charts
Evolution -> View Firefox histogram data as it changes over time
Getting wireframe for approval.  About a day to implement and push to staging once we get sign-off
Attached image Landing Page
mockup added for approval
A couple of questions about the mockup:

1. Will the text always be visible or is that a pop-up bubble?
2. The copy edited version of the text to be added is in comment 6. Can you please use this text.
1. The text will only be visible when you click on the About text, it's a pop-up bubble.
2. Sure, we can use the text on comment 6.
Lets see if you can see it first on the private server before pushing it to production:
Looks good to me.
pushed to production
Closed: 7 years ago
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