FramebufferNativeWindow doesn't implement ANativeWindow::cancelBuffer

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On the emulator, When the b2g process tries to exit, a segfault happens when the emulator's EGL code tries to clean up it's internal buffers by calling eglCancelBuffer() -- unfortunately, ANativeWindow::cancelBuffer is not set by the FramebufferNativeWindow.

This is technically an AOSP bug, but we don't currently maintain forks of either platform_frameworks_base or platform_development (where this would be ideally fixed).

In the interest of maintainability, it is easy enough to set the cancelBuffer function pointer to a no-op so we can avoid segfaulting for now..
Posted patch cancelBuffer - v1 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
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I meant to say this happens in the EGL surface destructor. You can see the code in question here:

egl_window_surface_t destructor:

notice the missing set of cancelBuffer in FramebufferNativeWindow.cpp:
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cancelBuffer - v1

>diff --git a/widget/gonk/nsWindow.cpp b/widget/gonk/nsWindow.cpp

>+/* static */ int
>+nsWindow::CancelBufferNoop(ANativeWindow* aWindow, ANativeWindowBuffer* aBuffer)

Let's just make this a static function in this compilation unit,
not part of nsWindow.

r=me with that change.
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Looks like this is environment related -- this definitely compiles locally in the B2G emulator config. Phil mentioned that the Tinderboxes aren't currently setup for ICS: Bug 776045
No longer blocks: 764683
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I've confirmed this build error
Depends on: 776045
* I've confirmed this build error occurs because of the GB toolchain in Tinderbox. ICS based toolchains are building this patch just fine..
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8 months ago
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