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Long script urls still confuse the debugger menulist


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Firefox 17


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Yup, regression from patch in bug 771481 using sizetopopup="always" on the menulist.
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Asking Rob in for review.
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+const SCRIPTS_URL_MAX_LENGTH = 64; // chars

magic numbers! How did you arrive at 64? It's a nice power of two, a square and a cube. Its digits add up to 10. It has many extremely nice properties. But as a length of characters in a menu list?

+      ok(gDebugger.DebuggerView.Scripts.containsLabel(nanana + "Batman!" + ellipsis),
+        "Script (15) label is incorrect.");

haha. "wat"
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(In reply to Rob Campbell [:rc] (:robcee) from comment #3)
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> v1
> +const SCRIPTS_URL_MAX_LENGTH = 64; // chars

In addition to your valid arguments, 20 is dividable by 2 and 5, looks good and
(new Array(20).join(NaN) + "Batman!").length === 64.

In all seriousness, it feels like an acceptable number of chars to use and keep the menulist at an acceptable size. If you can think of other good algorithms to find a better number, please share.
nah, is cool.
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Wrong bug!
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Regression :( Tp5 No Network Row Major MozAfterPaint increase 12.4% on Linux Fx-Team
    Previous: avg 243.519 stddev 16.676 of 30 runs up to revision fcb3934935e2
    New     : avg 273.667 stddev 2.315 of 5 runs since revision 834a0c1ef40b
    Change  : +30.148 (12.4% / z=1.808)
    Graph   :
I think from the graph it is evident that this regression is caused by the merge from m-c in changeset 8c63e260c4fa, which is conspicuously absent from the graph, but occurred right in the upward slope between revs f08a7ecc6d9f and 4f39921f782f.

This is way too low-level to be affected by debugger UI patches.
Product: Firefox → DevTools
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