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Cross-process+omtc layers causing up to 5x excessive recomposites


(Core :: Graphics: Layers, defect)

Gonk (Firefox OS)
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 (1) Flash an otoro with latest everything
 (2) Turn on the FPS monitor
 (3) Fire up the crystalskull webgl demo

The FPS monitor reports 30-40fps, but it's obviously running at 5-10fps.

 (4) Force crystalskull back in-process (
 (5) Reinstall gaia
 (6) Fire up demo again

The performance is qualitatively the same (because we still have to read back), but this time it reports the more believable 5-10fps.

Something in our cross-process gfx pipeline is forcing us to recomposite *way* too much.

Betting it's sometime to do with .
Summary: Cross-process layers causing up to 5x excessive recomposites → Cross-process+omtc layers causing up to 5x excessive recomposites
Matt is looking at this right now.
Assignee: nobody → matt.woodrow
This helps, but still doesn't really fix the issue. We still have the problem where FrameLayerBuilder sets the visible region / transform multiple times and this as marked as a mutation.

DLBI's layer tree comparison code can fix this properly, not sure if it's worth separating that out, or just taking this for now and waiting for DLBI.
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This doesn't appear to cause any issues as the comment suggested it did.
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Only call SendNotifyCompositorTransaction on the first paint

We still need this because of the SetCurrentRemoteFrame() hack in RenderFrameParent, but we probably can't kill that without breaking xul-fennec so this looks good.  Tested thoroughly on device.

Not sure what the problem was originally then ... oh well!
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Sorry, I had to back this out because it caused all native Android tests runs to crash/timeout:
Really want to get this landed.  Fired off new try build
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