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html5 form validation for <select> does not work properly after mouse hover over drop down list.


(Core :: DOM: Forms, defect, P5)

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This is spun off Bug 612134

If I expand drop down list and mouse hover over the drop down list.
And then I click outside the list so that there's no option selected, 
In this case, validation does not work and I can send data.

Step To Reproduce:
1. Open Attached
2. Click [v] button to expand drop down list
3. Mouse hover over the list. And move highlight(you must not click on the item)
4. Mouse move to out side the list and Click outside the list
5. Click [send] button

Actual Results:
  Validation does not work

Expected Results:
  validation should work
Attached file html
I see the selected item actually change before the submit....
Maybe related to Bug 451200(Bug 387406)

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Priority: -- → P5
Component: DOM: Core & HTML → DOM: Forms
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