browserid: QA and deploy BrowserID train-2012.07.30 to production



7 years ago
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(Reporter: lhilaiel, Assigned: gene)


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7 years ago
Version: a2d6744 (0.2012.07.30.1)

available here:

Tests pass:!/mozilla/browserid/jobs/2003887 

ChangeLog including issues resolved:

[QA] Suggested additional areas of focus for QA:
  * test that emails look good across lots of email clients

[ops] deployment issues:
  * no difference from 2012.07.20


7 years ago
QA Contact: jbonacci

Comment 1

7 years ago
Per jbonacci, holding on deployment until we have resolution of some 5-star bugs
Yea, not to block another train but three questions:
1. Do we want to include any of the open 5-star for this train?
2. Can we sweep the recent closed 5-star and make sure they were part of some recent train? If not, do we want to add these as well?
For the 6 5-star that are open:

These two exist in train-2012.07.30:
    #2183 [ie8] train-2012.07.20 js exception when signing in
    #2179 going from /signin to /forgot via the "is this your address?" link redirects the user back to /signin

I believe these two are only on dev?
    #2194 IE8-10 exception on 
    #2171 IE8: exceptions thrown in bidbundle.js

For these two, are code changes needed to address there?
    #2147 L10n preview is not updating
    #2097 can be used as a verifier
I do this on each train but never note it in the deploy bugs. I've run the frontend
tests for train-2012.07.30 using a local dev instance and they pass for:

winxp:        ie8, ff-14, chrome-20, opera-12.00, safari-5.1.7
win7:         ie9, ff-14, chrome-20, opera-12.00, safari-5.1.7
osx-10.7:     ff-14, chrome-20, opera-12.00, safari-6.0
ubuntu-11.10: ff-14, chrome-20, opera-12.00
ios-5.1:      safari-5.1 (1100s)
android-4.1:  stock (470s), chrome-18 (1680s), ff-14 (110s)
android-2.2:  stock (790s), ff-14 (205s)

Also, I noted the times on mobile which were not done under particularly
controlled conditions, but are representative on my mobile devices. (Desktop
times are usually under a minute, except IE8).
Here are the final Verifications carried over from the 2012.07.20 train:
* 1909: Static process
* 1757: Create new process for serving static or "cacheable" resources
* 2019: Minimalist implementation of support in core for Proxy IDP (a.k.a. "BigTent")
* 1862: Translate the main site
* 1824: mixed language in dialog
* 2093: Train-2012.07.20 l10n issues
* 1954: setting a timeout for provisioning of 20s
* 1570: Certificate provisioning doesn't time out
* 2109: returnTo, siteName, and siteLogo only should work with the observer API
* 2086: siteName and siteLogo not scrubbed from id.get()

Comment 6

7 years ago
browserid-server-0.2012.07.30-1.el6_107924.x86_64 has been installed on l10n preview
OK. For this train, we will be working off an ephemeral deploy rather than Stage deploy. 


That (the server) is just the same as any awsbox deploy with two small config changes in /home/app/config.json :
"kpi_backend_sample_rate": 0,
"enable_development_menu": false,


7 years ago
Depends on: 768169
Closed 5-Star that need to be Verified by QA
(some may be newer than this train, so should be moved to the ChangeLog for the next train)

2171: IE8: exceptions thrown in bidbundle.js
2165: breaks stage deployment
2132: 'checking with email provider' permanently shown when cancelling out of forgot password screen 
2088: error when verifying email addition in second browser
2086: siteName and siteLogo not scrubbed from id.get()
2072: prod: FFx 14 - b.setStagedOnBehalfOf exception thrown when closing window
1998: dev/staging: /cookies_disabled content collapsed on mobile
1937: signup of primary on main site /signup fails (404 on 
1934: Signup as primary via the dialog does not work.
1872: templates are not making it into compiled resources.
1829: returning 500 Internal Server Error
1828: double submit of /wsapi/stage_user on main site signup
1813: enter key causes forms to submit twice in Chrome and Firefox
1642: dev: scripts/compress is broken
1638: Dev/Stage: No longer able to sign into * as new user
1608: dbwriter did not auto-reconnect to mysql master
1554: IE/dev: bidbundle.js uses 'const' which causes exception to be thrown

Comment 11

7 years ago
train-2012.07.30.3 is available, fixes IE8 issues, see changelog. - sha 8229af44bb is updated to current train-2012.07.30

Note: while logged in state now persists correctly on reload/restart the original issue of an exception on IE8 from github 2183 is still there on this branch.

Comment 13

7 years ago
staging, l10n-preview and client[4-9] have been updated to 8229af44bb

Comment 14

7 years ago
train-2012.07.30.4 is available, fixes another IE8 issue #2206 5cfd2d9
:jrgm can you update your emphemeral instance to 5cfd2d9?

:gene is it worth updating stage, l10n?

Also, :gene client[4-9] have gone offline for rebuilds by ckolos
Can you create BID installs in /opt to client[11-30] instead ?
(yea that is a lot of clients!) has been updated on train-2012.07.30 and /ver.txt is now '5cfd2d9 update ChangeLog and version with fix for issue #2206'

Comment 17

7 years ago
> :gene is it worth updating stage, l10n?
Don't know. If you'd like me to update stage to this version let me know and I'll do so.

> Can you create BID installs in /opt to client[11-30] instead ?
(yea that is a lot of clients!)

I can deploy train-2012.06.22 onto those client machines if you'd like. Would you like me to deploy that train to 11-30?
:gene yea I think we should try to keep Stage (or at least :jrgm 's temp Stage emphemeral stuff) and clients in sync with the same build.


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