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Don't wait for the mouse pointer to rest before revealing the statuspanel when hovering a link


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As bug 541656 was implemented we chose to wait until the mouse cursor rests to fade in the statuspanel displaying the hovered link target. We're even waiting 80ms more by default until it's faded in.

I think this behavior is quite unexpected and I was constantly waiting for the statuspanel to appear while hovering a link. This is a probably a mix of my eyes immediately targeting the lower left as I'm about to hover a link and the use of touchpads and/or my trackpoint that make "resting" the mouse cursor a little harder.

IMO that's a little and easily fixable issue that in its current state can make us feel a little laggy as people waiting for the statuspanel have no idea what's going on.

CC'ing some people that might have a strong opinion about this and attaching a patch that does what the summary says.
I'm concerned about the possibility for flickery noise as you move the mouse around the screen on your way to a target. I'd sure like to be able to A/B test and see which is more annoying.
We could always wait for a shorter period of time than it is now, instead of removing the delay completely. I too am concerned about the potential flicker.
FWIW, Chrome and Chromium behave like I suggested. Opera too but they still have a status bar so that doesn't count I think. Safari doesn't do anything when hovering a link.
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Blocks: status-panel
No longer blocks: 541656
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Type: defect → enhancement
Keywords: blocked-ux
Priority: -- → P5
Component: General → Tabbed Browser
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