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Pages which have special characters in slug are missing


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Les, Luke: Thoughts?

Sheppy: Thoughts? Priority?
This is a fairly big deal; some of those pages are important (especially the C++ Portability Guide and DebugOnly<T>, for example.
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So the good news is the pages are there and it's probably just an issue with the url resolver and/or slug matcher having trouble with the characters. Still digging ...
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See also bug 781066, sounds like the same issue or a dupe
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Blocks: 781066
Blocks: 781328
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James: Are you still working on this. Luke could take it on if you're not.
Depends on: 788830
Duplicate of this bug: 781066
Version: Kuma → unspecified
Component: Website → Landing pages
Handing this one back because I'm stumped. It doesn't appear to be a mod_rewrite issue, per my comment in bug 781066, but I can't for the life of me figure out how/why Django is screwing this up.

I suspect this is going to be something really simple that I'm just overlooking, though.
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Component: Landing pages → Editing
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Working around a bug in Scrumbugs.
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Are we missing important docs here?  It's a year and a half down the road...
(In reply to David Walsh :davidwalsh from comment #9)
> Are we missing important docs here?  It's a year and a half down the road...

Yes, and we occasionally still get asked about them. Same pages that are listed in c#0.
This is likely a result of bug 1090241.
Assignee: nobody → jezdez
Depends on: 1090241
Not quite, but this gets us closer, further investigating..
(In reply to potappo from comment #0)
> The following pages are missing.
> C++ Portability Guide

This is fixed now, after fixing an encoding issue in the database content.

> DebugOnly<T>

The document was deleted, I restored it.

> Another example:
> PKCS #11 Netscape Trust Objects

Restored as

There was some problems with storing the # sign in the database
I'm closing this as fixed since I've looked into the documents listed above. Feel free to reopen if there are other documents that require fixing.
Closed: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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