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6 years ago
When reading the documentation of the <input> element, it should be easy to jump to any other HTML element. Same thing for CSS, JavaScript, SVG, MathML
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This is one of our biggest navigability problem right now. Somebody told me she preferred W3Schools because it is easy to go from one element to another (same for CSS, JavaScript, SVG, MathML).

Also I think we may try to be creative on this navigability issue. (Though it is not easy).
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Just to mention, I made an experiment with template on this issue :

It allow to add a show/hide navigation sidebar. However, A true solution to this bug requires an in deep UX work.

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6 years ago
Yes, this would be nice to have. It will take some significant fiddling around to get it done and done right.
One of the things that does very well, I think.
Summary: Consider having the list of elements (W3School-style) for reference elements → List of elements (like w3schools) in references
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It was mentioned again at the summit that the navigation of w3schools is quicker than MDN.
But our quick links ftw!

This is now done for
CSS, see e.g:
MathML, see e.g.

Could be a doc sprint topic to add quick navigation to:

* APIs
* JavaScript
* ... (other reference docs)
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It is done in APIs too.
Done for JS this year, too.
HTML, SVG elements have it as well.

SVG attributes:

Closing here for now. File new bugs for other areas with navigation issues.
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