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<wizard/> : Using advance(pageId) on the last page should not close the wizard


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I was trying to use advance() with a page ID parameter on the last page to send the user to a previous page. The use of goTo() is not a desired alternative, as it does not properly handle the page stack and makes the Back/Next buttons unreliable.

Expected: The wizard would jump to the page ID specified as an argument to advance().

Result: The wizard calls the method in "wizardfinish" and closes.

I believe a fix could be done with a single change at
The existence of aPageId should also be checked with onLastPage to ensure that the wizard is really ready to finish and close.

I am new to patching Mozilla, so I may or may not be successful in creating one myself.
This adds a check to ensure that there is no page ID before closing the wizard when advancing backwards on the last page.
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Add a check for aPageId before closing the wizard

Thanks for the patch. I assume you don't have permission to check the patch in. In this case, you can set the 'checkin-needed' keyword on the bug and someone will check it in for you.
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Trivial enough to land without a Try push. Thanks for the patch, Will! You can confirm that this bug is fixed once it lands on mozilla-central (probably tomorrow morning).
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