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Need event and progress notifications for FTP


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We need to add an "ftp-on-modify-request" nsIObserverService notification to FTP so we can block the connection if we need to for various policy reasons (see bug 780087).  Presumably we can copy the logic from the HTTP version of the code.
We probably also want ftp-on-examine-response and ftp-on-examine-cached-response, like HTTP has.

We're also going to need a way to monitor how much traffic an FTP connection is using.  That's probably a matter of implementing an nsIHttpActivityObserver and/or nsIProgressEventSink API for ftp, like we have for HTTP.
Blocks: 746073, 746074
Summary: Add ftp-on-modify-request nsIObserver notification → Need event and progress notifications for FTP
Blocks: 855948
No longer blocks: 746073
No longer blocks: 855948
given the essentially deprecated status of ftp, I'd like to keep this to the absolute minimum set necessary. Maybe ftp-on-modify request would be enough?
We are in a period where ftp is clearly deprecated and in general, making changes to the code is riskier than letting it ride unless there is a patch and reviewer available to make a good judgment about it. So I'm going to wontfix ftp bugs related to enhancements, interop errors, etc.. We will be better off putting our energy into including a different js based ftp stack.
Closed: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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