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SCTP library doesn't consistently use HAVE_SIN_LEN, and we don't set it in configure


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Not set





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Some code in the SCTP library uses HAVE_SIN_LEN (and it's in the for the library), but most code doesn't (and uses slightly varying OS selections to control reference to sin_len).

Add HAVE_SIN_LEN to our, and modify our code and the SCTP library to use it consistently.
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Patch and netwerk/sctp for HAVE_SIN_LEN

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Seems to be missing the changes to configure.
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The configure changes got attached to the wrong bug in the queue...
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Patch and netwerk/sctp for HAVE_SIN_LEN

remarking now that the configure changes are here too
This is the part that gets promoted to the usrsctp team for upstreaming
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@@ +2956,5 @@
> +dnl Check for sin_len - used by SCTP; only appears in Mac/*BSD generally
> +MOZ_CHECK_HEADERS(sys/types.h)
> +AC_MSG_CHECKING(for sockaddr_in.sin_len)
> +AC_CACHE_VAL(ac_cv_sockaddr_in_sin_len,

You probably want to use AC_CACHE_CHECK here.
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Clean up HAVE_SIN_LEN/HAVE_SIN6_LEN checks

This should be much cleaner.  Different enough to need a quick re-review though.
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