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url bar autocomplete should not force prepending "https://www.[text]" when "http://[text]" is valid


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Steps to reproduce:

Start with a fresh browser profile (created via firefox --ProfileManager).

Clear the URL bar, then type "<enter>". You will be taken to "" (http://, apparently).

Clear the URL bar, then type "". You will be taken to "", not to the SSL site. This is broken, but isn't the main bug I wish to report.

With still in the URL bar, click at the front of the URL and prepend "https://". This will, properly, take you to the SSL site.

Now, repeat the first step. Clear the URL bar, then type "<enter>".

Actual results:

I was taken to the SSL site,, rather than to the 

Expected results:

As I did not request HTTPS, I should have been taken to the site.

While this does not matter much for Google, for sites which provide different functions for their HTTP and HTTPS sites the problem can be huge.

We run an e-commerce site at, with merchant login and shopping cart functionality on We use redirects from to to preserve a canonical URL scheme.

Try the following:

-- Type "" into the URL bar. Note that you are directed to the Trocadero home catalog page at
-- Go to, and click the "Order/Inquire" button. You will be taken to a secure page under
-- Clear the URL bar, and type "" into it. You are now taken to, the SSL site.
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Duplicate of bug: 781617
Duplicate of bug: 769994
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