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switch computed style's url(invalid-url:) to [css3-values]'s url(about:invalid)


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In computed style, for an invalid URL, nsROCSSPrimitiveValue.cpp sometimes generates url(invalid-url:), because we had to generate something for invalid URLs. describes url(about:invalid) for a similar purpose, so we should switch this to being about:invalid instead.
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Trivial patch switching from url(invalid-url:) to url(about:invalid)

Perhaps add a comment saying something like:

  // defines
  // about:invalid for a similar purpose, so let's also use it
  // here as the computed value for invalid URLs.

Though I wonder if it's an issue that this *does* round trip to something meaningful.  (Might we need to make about:invalid produce a particular empty document?)
Spec says:

  The about:invalid URI references a non-existent document with a generic error condition.
  It can be used when a URI is necessary, but the default value shouldn't be resolveable
  as any type of document. 

So I think the answer to the last part of comment 2 is "no".
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new patch, updated after review

When I asked if it was an issue, I was more worried about "for the Web" than "according to the spec".

But I suppose let's go ahead and do this, even though it's a little weird.
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setting the checkin-needed keyword as I don't have the level 2 commit bit yet
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I don't see a Try link here, so I've pushed it myself. I'll land this if it's green.
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