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Kuma: Add form-driven page builder


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It would be very nice if we had a way to configure forms for guiding people through constructing a page; that is, for example, we could create a form such that any page edited in HTML/Element subtree would present instead of a raw editor a page with a form with things like an editor for the summary text, a table for adding, removing, and editing the attributes supported by the element, an area for defining links to the relevant specs, compatibility table, and so forth.

Ideally it would be possible to do build form layouts using a template that would appear automatically for a specific document type and reference (so one for HTML elements, one for CSS properties, one for JavaScript objects, and so forth).

Each form would then be able to be configured with WYSIWYG text editors, table builders, radio button groups, checkboxes for toggling possible available options, and so on.

Then you could even change the layout of these pages by revising the template; the data would all simply be read by the pages and organized following the updated template.

This would go a long way toward helping to standardize our docs. Obviously, this is a big job and would take a lot of design work as well as a heavy revamp of existing content to squeeze it into this system. We could by default simply import everything into the summary text box for starters and then migrate from there into the appropriate form fields over time.
Point well taken. Thanks for the detail. I'll add this to my list of UX/redesign bugs.
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