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Given a function:

  function outer(x) {
    function inner() { return x }

we mark outer as 'heavyweight' since it contains a nested function that accesses the formal parameter 'x'.  However, since 'inner' doesn't escape, we shouldn't need to allocate a CallObject every time we call 'outer'.

This is the same observation as the "Algol display optimization" that was removed in pieces over the last two years.  The original approach used a frontend (parser) analysis and required complexity in the rest of the VM as well as special support in the jits.

With the new scope machinery I think we could use a simpler strategy to achieve the same effect:
 - when we analyze a heavyweight function, we check if any of the nested functions escape using the SSA we already have. if none of the nested functions escape, set a JSScript flag "canReuseScopeAfterEpilogue"
 - add a 'CallObject *JSScript::freeScope' field, initially NULL
 - in the heavyweight prologue when canReuseScopeAfterEpilogue, create a CallObject if freeScope is NULL, otherwise, reuse the one in freeScope and set freeScope to NULL
 - in the heavyweight epilogue where canReuseScopeAfterEpilogue, set freeScope = fp->scopeChain.

Thus, the only real change would be small modifications to StackFrame::prologue/epilogue (and their jit equivalents).

A few details:
 - we'd need a reliable way to know "this heavyweight function is only heavyweight b/c of nested functions". (I think it's (heavyweight && !bindingsAccessedDynamically && !funHasExtensibleScope), but I could be wrong; it'd be nice to stop with the name "heavyweight" and use flags with more specific meanings.)
 - we'd need a reliable way to find all nested functions (is that just all functions in script->objects?  perhaps instead we'd scan the bytecode for JSOP_LAMBDA?)
 - it would be nice to leverage an existing escape analysis based on IM which took advantage of inlining (there isn't one yet, but there may be one day).  Going further: if IM inlined all nested functions, there would be no need for a CallObject at all and all ALIASEDVAR opcodes could be turned into LOCAL opcodes...

(I'm not planning to do this anytime soon, just filing to collect use cases if they arise.)
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