Bug 785470 (CVE-2012-3981)

[SECURITY] Missing escaping of the username can lead to LDAP injection

RESOLVED FIXED in Bugzilla 3.6



7 years ago
7 years ago


(Reporter: LpSolit, Assigned: reed)


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Bugzilla 3.6
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When the user enters his credentials, no sanity check is done and his username is passed as is to create the filter which will be passed to $self->ldap->search(), see Bugzilla::Auth::Verify::LDAP::_bz_search_params(). This can lead to LDAP injection, as exploited successfully in bug 785112.

The username must be escaped, e.g. by using Net::LDAP::Util::escape_filter_value().

This problem exists since LDAP authentication has been implemented in Bugzilla 2.12, see bug 51185.
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Posted patch patch - v1 (untested) (obsolete) — Splinter Review
something like this? :)
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patch - v1 (untested)

>-                      . "=$username)"
>+                      . '=' . escape_filter_value($username) . ')'

Nit: instead of this, we could write:

    $username = escape_filter_value($username);

before building the filter. The code would be easier to parse.

Anyway, I had the same fix in mind, so r=LpSolit from a code point of view, but I'm totally unable to test this patch as I have no LDAP installation to play with. So before being checked in, it needs to be tested (we cannot afford to break LDAP authentication on branches).
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Assignee: user-accounts → reed
CC'ing our LDAP guru. :) manu, could you look at the patch, please?
I've tested the patch and it doesn't break LDAP authentification (mine, at least).
Like LpSolit, I'm far more partiel to adding:

    $username = escape_filter_value($username);

before the return call. It's much more readable that way.
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patch - v1 (untested)

OK, manu's testing is enough for me. No need for another review. Thanks, manu! :)
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reed, we need a CVE number for this one.
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Summary: [SECURITY] Missing escaping of the username can lead to LDAP injection → (CVE-2012-3981)[SECURITY] Missing escaping of the username can lead to LDAP injection
Alias: CVE-2012-3981
Summary: (CVE-2012-3981)[SECURITY] Missing escaping of the username can lead to LDAP injection → [SECURITY] Missing escaping of the username can lead to LDAP injection
Posted patch patch - v2Splinter Review
For check-in.
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I've discussed this a bit with LpSolit and I don't how this allows you to inject data into the LDAP directory.
At best, you can probably invalid the filter that the Bugzilla administrator put in place but that's a stretch and you'll still need the password of an account to login.
Alias: CVE-2012-3981
Alias: CVE-2012-3981
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patch - v2

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Committing to: bzr+ssh://lpsolit%40gmail.com@bzr.mozilla.org/bugzilla/trunk/
modified Bugzilla/Auth/Verify/LDAP.pm
Committed revision 8370.

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modified Bugzilla/Auth/Verify/LDAP.pm
Committed revision 8132.

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modified Bugzilla/Auth/Verify/LDAP.pm
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modified Bugzilla/Auth/Verify/LDAP.pm
Committed revision 7297.
Closed: 7 years ago
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Group: bugzilla-security
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