Flash crash Report [@ libstagefright.so@0x14951c ]




Firefox for Android
5 years ago
4 months ago


(Reporter: AdrianT, Unassigned)


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crash, flashplayer

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5 years ago
This bug was filed from the Socorro interface and is 
report bp-1ea6d735-da64-444b-a558-46d892120828 .
Crash on Acer Iconia Tab (Android 3.2)

Possible steps:
1. Go to dailymotion.com
2. Watch a few videos changing between videos before the video ends.

Note: Issue was reproduced only once. Plugin option was set to "Tap to play"

Frame 	Module 	Signature 	Source
0 	libc.so 	libc.so@0x15bf4 	
1 	libstagefright.so 	libstagefright.so@0x14951c 	
2 	libstagefright.so 	libstagefright.so@0x14951c 	
3 	libstagefright.so 	libstagefright.so@0x14951c 	
4 	liblog.so 	liblog.so@0x144b 	
5 	OMXCodec (deleted) 	OMXCodec @0x8e656b 	
6 	OMXCodec (deleted) 	OMXCodec @0x962f5f 	
7 	icudt44l.dat 	icudt44l.dat@0x44df2d 	
8 	dalvik-heap (deleted) 	dalvik-heap @0x314e734 	
9 	dalvik-heap (deleted) 	dalvik-heap @0xb37f546 	
10 	dalvik-heap (deleted) 	dalvik-heap @0xf1e245d 	
11 	libxul.so 	js::Interpret 	jsinterp.cpp:3911
12 	libflashplayer.so 	libflashplayer.so@0x5531c1 	
13 	libflashplayer.so 	libflashplayer.so@0x75a556 	
14 	libflashplayer.so 	libflashplayer.so@0x37b48d 	
15 	libflashplayer.so 	libflashplayer.so@0x75a556 	
16 	libflashplayer.so 	libflashplayer.so@0x1ce07b 	
17 	libflashplayer.so 	libflashplayer.so@0x75a556 	
18 	libflashplayer.so 	libflashplayer.so@0x226edf 	
19 	libflashplayer.so 	libflashplayer.so@0x1d07e1 	
20 	libflashplayer.so 	libflashplayer.so@0x75a556 	
21 	libflashplayer.so 	libflashplayer.so@0x72f066 	
22 	libflashplayer.so 	libflashplayer.so@0x226edf 	
23 	app_process 	app_process@0xc9e 	
24 	libflashplayer.so 	libflashplayer.so@0x3639b3 	
25 	libflashplayer.so 	libflashplayer.so@0x2cc5ed 	
26 	libflashplayer.so 	libflashplayer.so@0x75a556 	
27 	dalvik-heap (deleted) 	dalvik-heap @0x26da4ff 	
28 	libc.so 	libc.so@0x10d2a 	
29 	libflashplayer.so 	libflashplayer.so@0x75a556 	
30 	libflashplayer.so 	libflashplayer.so@0x75a556 	
31 	libflashplayer.so 	libflashplayer.so@0x34683b 	
32 	libflashplayer.so 	libflashplayer.so@0x36417d 	
33 	libflashplayer.so 	libflashplayer.so@0x31ada7 	
34 	app_process 	app_process@0x56a 	
35 	libflashplayer.so 	libflashplayer.so@0x2cc4dd 	
36 	libflashplayer.so 	libflashplayer.so@0x75a556 	
37 	libc.so 	libc.so@0xccde 	
38 	app_process 	app_process@0x29ba 	
39 	libflashplayer.so 	libflashplayer.so@0x31ada7 	
40 	app_process 	app_process@0x56a 	
41 	libflashplayer.so 	libflashplayer.so@0x31addd 	
42 	libflashplayer.so 	libflashplayer.so@0x75a556 	
43 	libflashplayer.so 	libflashplayer.so@0x3640fb 	
44 	libflashplayer.so 	libflashplayer.so@0x462b2f 	
45 	libflashplayer.so 	libflashplayer.so@0x75a556 	
46 	libflashplayer.so 	libflashplayer.so@0x3562e5 	
47 	libflashplayer.so 	libflashplayer.so@0x56041b 	
48 	libflashplayer.so 	libflashplayer.so@0x75a556 	
49 	libflashplayer.so 	libflashplayer.so@0x356213 	
50 	libflashplayer.so 	libflashplayer.so@0x31ada7 	
51 	libflashplayer.so 	libflashplayer.so@0x34a8ef 	
52 	libflashplayer.so 	libflashplayer.so@0x75a556 	
53 	app_process 	app_process@0x29ba 	
54 	libflashplayer.so 	libflashplayer.so@0x3392cb 	
55 	libflashplayer.so 	libflashplayer.so@0x75a556 	
56 	libxul.so 	NPObjWrapper_newEnumerate 	nsJSNPRuntime.cpp:1604

Comment 1

5 years ago
Issue was reproduced a second time using the steps from Comment 0. Changing between videos at dailymotion causes this crash


5 years ago
Whiteboard: [native-crash]
Is this a regression? This is a crash in the Flash plugin decoding video. I'm not sure what we can do. I know Flash is especially susceptible to crashes when unloading one video to load another.

I think this stack trace's debug symbols are wrong. I would not expect the Flash plugin's call stack to be that deep or for liblog.so to call libstagefright.so! :)
Summary: Crash Report [@ libstagefright.so@0x14951c ] → Flash crash Report [@ libstagefright.so@0x14951c ]
Adrian, what version of the Flash plugin do you have installed?
Keywords: flashplayer

Comment 4

5 years ago
The Flash version is

Comment 5

4 months ago
Flash is going away (bug 1381916), so there's no point in pursuing this further.
Last Resolved: 4 months ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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