ShouldPrerender() check should be based on area, not dimensions




7 years ago
6 years ago


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The check boils down to

  if (frameSize <= refSize) {

but that's kind of broken: I think I intended for this to be a check of area, but the <= operator does

  width <= aSize.width && height <= aSize.height;

Which means that a 1 x screen.height + \epsilon frame, e.g., wouldn't be prerendered.  That's silly.
Vivien: I think Ian may have worked around this bug in the radio app.  If so, please tell him I'm sorry and we're fixing this! :)
Small issue with nice perf win that's come up in important content, like the FM radio app.
Whiteboard: [tech-p2]
We should just change this to account for scaling.
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