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Repository creation policy for l10n repos in releases/l10n/mozilla-*


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When adding new localizations to our rapid release localizations, we need repositories in


The template we use to file bugs to create those is in

Cory said that hg repos go through releng approval now, and I'd like to get that streamlined.

I talked to joduinn about not doing git-mirrors, as managing the contributions there would overwhelm our l10n teams.

Are there other aspects of the creation of repo siblings that we should be aware of? Does it make sense to codify some blanket approval, or CC folks to give a notification? If there's process that doesn't do anything real in practice, I'd prefer to avoid it.
Summing up a chat in #it, the only changes to the requesting process is to specify component "Release Engineering: Developer Tools" (details at The current template has all the other information needed.

I'll use the template to construct our releng procedures, so that requests will be streamlined, and other repository steps includes (e.g. the mxr setup)

Once the procedure page is up, I'll update here to ensure it's captured right. Once we have agreement, we'll close this bug.
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Its not really clear to me who is doing what next here.

Its there also a locale that we can use to test out the new policy to see if it really has streamlined things to our liking?  arky do you have a locale in mind?
My understanding is that this bug is only about linking and synchronizing the documentation and process around getting new l10n repos created within an existing structure. (It is not related to bug 768373, which is asking for a new structure to support gaia.)

The next action on this for me to get the wiki pages all linked together, and update this bug with the documentation pointers. 

If there is a need for a new locale in the existing structure, please file a bug for that following your existing procedures. Our existing process will ensure your request gets routed correctly (per comment #1, the only change on your end would be the component used to enter the request).
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Chatted with flod as I accidently came across this bug, we're good enough, let's mark this fixed.
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