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jQuery UI Sortable triggers a Click in Firefox 15


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Steps to reproduce:

I first logged this issue at but they told me it was a bug in FF and to log it here.  For details of my code please see this link.

The problem has only started happening since I upgraded to FF15 last week.

I have a ul (unordered list) element whose li (list items) elements have two events bound to them:
- the jQuery .click event, which shows an alert
- the jQuery UI .sortable event, which repositions (sorts) the list item to a new position in the list that you drag it to 

What I do is drag a list item to elsewhere in the list.

Actual results:

What happens is the item is successfully repositioned in the list AND the click event alert occurs.

Expected results:

What should happen is the item is successfully repositioned in the list (which it is), but NO click event alert occurs.

It works perfectly in IE9, and worked in FF14.  But not in FF15.
Thanks for the report. Could you attach a minimal testcase with your JS script, please.
Attached file HTML source
HTML source
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Initial view
Thanks for the fast reply.

I have attached the source (you will need to have the jQuery files in the appropriate folders) and the inital view you should see on loading the page.

Then please try dragging an item as described.

If you need anything else let me know.
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Attached file standalone testcase
Ideally a reduced testcase would not contain all of jquery :-). Here's at least a standalone testcase but I haven't reduced away all the jquery inside it yet.
Attached file simple testcase
I'm pretty sure the problem is that if you remove and re-add an element to the DOM between mousedown and mouseup on the element, Gecko can still fire a click event but other browsers never do. This testcase illustrates the situation.

If you trigger a CSS 'display' change on the element (which internally is fairly similar, in Gecko anyway), IE9 and Webkit can fire the click (although Opera does not).
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Olli, what do you think the correct behavior should be for the testcase in comment #9?

I think the current Gecko behavior is quite good, and seems to follow the spirit of
but it's probably easier to align with the other browsers than to get them (and Web content) to change, given other browsers interoperably prevent click events when the element has been removed and readded. Olli, do you agree?
Thanks for the investigation so far.  Is there any update please?
Same issue affects Firefox 21.0 and 22.0 on Mac OS X
Still around in 33.0...
Hello All,

did the below comment solve this issue?

(In reply to Leo Caseiro from comment #14)
> Add the helper clone fix the problem:
> I found the answer here:
> firefox-15
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Closing this bug due to lack of response.
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