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Blog URL:

See the first post there for a description of what this blog will be about. Don't worry, it will be focused on Mozilla engineering topics and non-controversial.


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6 years ago
Ping, this is really important!

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6 years ago
This is key to our attempt to help non-employee contributors in the Gfx team. Mentored bugs solved the problem of helping people get started, but we fail at the next step: help frequent contributors become "core" contributors by being fully integrated and informed of the team's work. We think that this blog is the best way to solve this problem.

If there is any issue with this blog or with getting it on Planet, please let us know --- please don't just stay silent :-)

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6 years ago
Got an explanation from Asa: this belongs to Planet Mozilla Projects, which is rather new and already has 40% of the readership of Planet Mozilla. Renaming the bug.
Summary: Add the Mozilla Gfx blog to planet mozilla → Add the Mozilla Gfx blog to planet mozilla projects

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6 years ago
From the first blog post explaining what the blog is about:

The primary purpose of this blog is to help communication across and around the Mozilla Gfx team. In particular, we want to help non-employee contributors be better connected and better informed of any relevant developments.

In particular, we aim for this blog to have:

    team goal/project updates;
    announcements of new projects, or developments in existing projects;
    early feature announcements;
    posts introducing anyone in the gfx team, regardless of employee status;
    posts from anyone in the gfx team, regardless of employee status.

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6 years ago
r=asa for addition to the project planet.

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6 years ago
Assignee: nobody → robert
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6 years ago
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