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I would like to be able to edit the dictionnary entries


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Not set





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Steps to reproduce:

 I entered entries (add to dictionnary) in the past but the software would not enable by then the user to undo this. I would like to be able to remove these unwanted entries from the dictionnary.

Actual results:

No clue about how to do it.

Expected results:

Offer an option to edit the entries of the dictionnary.
Severity: normal → enhancement
(I searched & simply copied this from elsewhere.  It is correct.)

"Inside your profile folder, find the file called persdict.dat and open it up in your text editor of choice."

(Now know what to look for...)
Thanks a lot.
Eventually, it looks like the issue is not in old data entered by mistake but is in the base dictionnary or in the search strategy used by the spellchecker that does not take correctly into account (for proposals of correction) the characters with diacritical marks at the beginning of a word: in french, the word CA doesn't exist (the abbreviation does -as well as in english- but I would not expect shortcuts to be in the dictionnary) but the tool would not propose the same with a cedilla under the C (ÇA) that does exist. In fact, it doesn't even notice there is a possible mistake... The same goes for other words.
Could it be that the "word" is indeed found in the standard dictionnary? If so, how can it be removed?
Better yet (I found that the "word" indeed IS in the revised dictionnary from 1990!), could we have an option to disable the search of the spell-checker in the acronyms (and/or other types of lexical fields)?
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Duplicate of bug: 715410
I strongly disagree. The enhancement proposal is to have the search engine offering more flexibility on the kind of words it considers, chosen on the basis of some dictionary field (lexical, semantical, grammatical, etc) and/or values(e.g. suppress all acronyms from matching patterns).
It is totally different from proposed solution to bug #715410 that was about "undoing add-an-entry-in-the-dictionnary".
Would you please re-consider the classification and status? (I switch it back to Unconfirmed in the meanwhile).
Resolution: DUPLICATE → ---
Your original report match exactly on Bug 715410, if you want to change this bug scope, then write in detail what your proposition is and change bug's summary accordingly. As I see, you want some change in spell checking processing, then this section is not appropriate place, moving
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OK OK. I'll manage another entry.
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Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
Duplicate of bug: 715410
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