Make B2G and Fennec browser actors inherit the extensibility API changes

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The patch in bug 753401 allows add-ons to provide their own actors for the remote protocol. However this was tested and verified to work for desktop add-ons only, and B2G and Fennec add-ons need some more changes to work.
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Patch v1

Trying to minimize changes to B2G and Fennec actors. glandium can you verify that this patch works for you in both cases?
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Patch v1

As said on irc, only tested on b2g, assuming the fennec part corresponds to the previous iteration (which, looking at the code, looks like is the case)
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Patch v2

This is slightly better. If you can confirm it still works, I'll ask for reviews.
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Patch v2

It works for me on Fennec (haven't checked B2G)
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Patch v2

This patch allows dynamically-added actors to be usable via the remote debugging protocol for Fennec and B2G. For B2G I'm not sure if add-ons will be allowed (perhaps provided by the vendor, like what we do with PDF.js in desktop?), but the API is still useful regardless. The changes are pretty straight-forward.
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Patch v2

The Fennec changes look fine
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Patch v2

Looks good.
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