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Firefox 15.0.x: input aof German special signs (äöü) fires ajax request


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Attached image POST request in firebug
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Steps to reproduce:

I develop a web app using icefaces 3. Of course we use alot of forms and in these, there are a lot of input fields. Everything works fine in all browser expect Firefox 15.

Actual results:

Every time you type a German special character (äüö) in an input field, the browser fires an ajax POST request. That causes a validation of the complete form.

Expected results:

No ajax request should be fired by typing German special characters. The form should be submitted by clicking the Submit button (or enabling partialSubmit, which is set to FALSE).
to reproduce this bug, probably a German keyboard is useful ;-)
Could you attach a minimal testcase (maybe the form you described) to this current bug, please. It would help the devs to debug, eventually.
Attached file test project
Any chance for a minimal testcase, please? Like just one tiny html page.
Also, is this behavior a regression. Does Firefox 14 behave differently? can be helpful for finding regressions.
Other option is to download builds from
and limit the change to certain date.
The bug can be reproduced using the test project. On the starting page (index.xhtml) of the app, click "Go to Form" and you can enter a first and last name in a form. Using firebug you can see, that an ajax POST request is sent every time a German umlaut (äöü) is entered.

The project is a maven project. The profile "withICE-EE" is using icefaces 3 EE (commercial version). The profile "withICE" is using icefaces 3.0.1. The bug can be reproduced in both versions with Firefox 15 only. Other versions of Firefox or other browsers are not affected.
A minimal testcase would be highly appreciated, so that one doesn't need to setup a java server to test this all.
What code in the test handles user input events? Something there probably expects 
certain kinds of keycodes and based on that initiates XMLHttpRequest.
Hello everyone,

could someone please have a look at my (not so minimal) testcase and at least confirm, that this is a bug? Thanks!
Minimal testcase would be great. I don't have any server which runs java servlets or anything like that.
Also, input of certain characters sure doesn't cause any XHR requests. It is some script in the
page. Could you try to figure out what triggers XHR?
Attached file minimal test project
I attached a smaller testcase without backend java beans. The bug still occurs in FF 15 and 16. I have no clue which JS triggers the XHR, but if it is triggered by a icefaces JS this happens only using Firefox Version 15 or later.
Hallo again,

can anyone please confirm using the minimal testcase that this is a bug in firefox?
"minimal testcase" should be an HTML file which contains only 10 or 20 lines for this case if it's our bug... We're not experts of individual framework.
Component: Event Handling → User events and focus handling
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