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Update pdf.js to version 0.5.22


(Firefox :: PDF Viewer, task)

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Firefox 18


(Reporter: RyanVM, Assigned: RyanVM)


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(1 file, 1 obsolete file)

Changes since the last update:
#2014 Correct gjslint warnings in make.js.
#2013 Fixing the channel offset value and length given by HTTP headers
#2011 Adds support of the indeterminate loading progress
#2022 Disables symbolic encoding
#2031 Gracefully fail if the URL filename cannot be decoded.
#1825 Add support for building .crx file
#2021 Merges new jpgjs: fixes invalid JPEG marker.
#1997 Rectoring font loading concurency
#2023 Replaces scrollIntoView
#2020 Gjslint also the build related js files.
#2041 Fixes scrollIntoView when scrollbars are hidden
#2042 Adds support for color key mask.
#2047 Fixes fonts on linux
#2046 Fixes 1810 reftest address
#2050 Fixes incorrect font type and prevents future this.objs.objs[fonts[i]] ...
#2056 Add l10n/fi
#2059 Add mode setting and strict to make.js
#2065 Fix few jslint warnings in make.js.
#2061 Change to the Apache v2 license.
#2083 Changes thumbs and outline panels positioning to absolute
#2087 Updates to reenable chrome extension
#2082 Workaround for chrome's issue 145227
#2035 Generates proxy Makefile
#2076 Add initial TilingType support.
Summary: Update pdf.js to version 0.5.16 → Update pdf.js to version 0.5.20
By the time I got my local setup working, 0.5.20 was out, which added:
#2048 Implement page rotation controls using context menu.
I'm wondering if the changes to test/ are right or not...
(In reply to Ryan VanderMeulen from comment #3)
> I'm wondering if the changes to test/ are right or not...

Looks like the changes in m-c ( were not back ported to github.

Doing that in
Green on Try
Picked up #2092 to fix the makefile issue.
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Attachment #659481 - Flags: review?(bdahl)
Summary: Update pdf.js to version 0.5.20 → Update pdf.js to version 0.5.22
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Attachment #659481 - Flags: review?(bdahl) → review?(dtownsend+bugmail)
Dave/Brendan, review ping.
Attachment #659481 - Flags: review?(dtownsend+bugmail) → review+
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Closed: 12 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 18
Type: defect → task
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