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add more profile labels for style change processing


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See bug 780341 and bug 779968 for background.

Looking at profiles for style change processing is somewhat confusing right now; the stuff currently inside the CSS::ProcessRestyles label is really two different things, recomputation of style data and then handling the resulting changes.

This patch adds two labels to split it into those major parts.  It's untested.
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Add more profile labels for the separate parts of restyle processing.  ()

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Two more labels, to try to distinguish benefits we'd get from bug 780341 comment 30 (would help with the time inside FileRules) vs. benefits we'd get from bug 780341 comment 38 (would help with the time inside CalcStyleDifference).

With these labels, I'm a bit concerned that they're too far inside the loop and might influence the timing.  However, I *think* they're going to occur the same number of times in the cases we're looking at, since we won't actually end up with the same style context in any of the cases where we hit FileRules.
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two more labels

rs=me (rubberstamp because I don't know this code and am trusting you to put them in the right place.)  You're more than welcome to land any more labels you want to add as rs=me, too.
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