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Steps to reproduce:

many  many times while browsing I want to insert a new tab or copy a tab and insert it as the next right or next left tab (usually the right). so I propose new items for the tab bar context menu:
- insert new tab to right
- insert new tab to left
- copy tab and insert to left
- copy tab and insert to right

I think this will ease the browsing of a lot of users. it will be a very nice surprise to many, and it is something you can tout as a new feature.
Moving tabs to certain position in the tab bar is currently allowed by drag-and-dropping the tab to the desired location. 
As for the insert new tab to left/right, this may be an enhancement.
Severity: normal → enhancement
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Comment 2

5 years ago
not move, *copy*, as in duplicate. I know mozilla already has move. please now re-read the original spec in this enhancement request now that you know this and consider the enhancement. thank you.

regarding copy ops, currently, there is no way to duplicate a tab, including its history. many many times I wish I could. this would be SUCH a useful addition in average browsing on ANY platform.

in fact, I consider the list of items in the spec to be extremely useful, practically a basic necessity, and who knows,it may change the browser landscape and offer an advantage other browsers just won't have, and you guys will have it.

thank you for your time.
It's related to Bug 528005

Comment 4

4 years ago
I was particularly interested in this too. I need this a lot, particularly because I have a lot of tabs, and adding a new tab way on end and dragging it over way to left for 10 minutes is difficult and error-prone.
I was going to suggest "insert new tab in tab context menu"

Comment 5

3 years ago
"copy tab and insert to right" is possible by middle-clicking the reload button. The new tab opens in the foreground. By pressing Shift at the same time, the new tab opens in the background.
"copy tab and insert anywhere" is possible by dragging the tab while pressing Ctrl. The new tab opens in the background.
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