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deprecate getThumbnail on Tab class for Fennec and E10S support


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This sync method just uses canvas overly complex way to produce the screenshot.  This method doesn't work on Fennec.  If a page-mod was used instead then that would work, but it would mean the method would have to be async.  So I suggest that we deprecate the getThumbnail method of the Tab class and create a thumbnail module instead which would be async, and thus work on Fennec.
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this is required for e10s. we should deprecate/implement this ASAP so that addon devs have time to migrate.

Jordan, will you have time to work on this soon(-ish)?
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I don't have the bandwidth for this at the moment, but is a pretty straight forward fix I think. When working on it before, I had problems rendering it, using the underlying thumbnail method which didn't produce correct results on Fennec, I believe.
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Summary: deprecate getThumbnail on Tab class for Fennec support → deprecate getThumbnail on Tab class for Fennec and E10S support
Assignee: nobody → evold
At the moment we have `console.error('This method is not supported with E10S');` (when used in e10s mode) which I think is good enough for now, if we wish to remove it sooner we should add a message which is always run, also there is a separate error message if this api is used on fennec, so I think we have added the deprecation warnings in the necessary places.

We should wait awhile and remove this method a couple releases after e10s rides the trains.
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luca checking - thinks already deprecated
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This feature currently logs an error both Firefox Desktop with e10s enabled and Fennec (as described in Comment 4) and returns a blank image:

The error message on Fennec is 'This method is not yet supported by Fennec', which is probably a bit misleading, because it is more likely to be supported from the new WebExtensions API than by this SDK API module.
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issue is still valid - but situation should not change for how handled at this time.  There isn't a better way - beyond moving capability to webextensions - which is coming
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