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Add bottom shadow to tabs tray


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To help create a clearer understanding that our tab menu is a tray that sites beneath the main UI, we still need to add a shadow to the title bar when the tabs tray is open. A mockup is attached.
I've been trying to do this. Here are the couple of challenges:
1. With overriden CanvasDelegate, we ask the parent to do draw the background, and carve out the curved part. If I try a blank Paint with DST on the existing canvas, to add a shadow, it doesn't work. Basically I could find an operation to use the existing Canvas as SRC  (instead of DST) to add a shadow.
2. Shadow of a layer cannot fall outside its bounds. Basically, a shadow on right of the address-bar-background is possible. As it's actually drawing over the carved out portion -- which is still inside its bounds. Shadow on top doesn't fall within bounds of this View, and hence it cannot cast a shadow there.

The option I can think of is,
Add a new "shadow layer" which works the same way as this curved address-bar-background layer, and has a gradient-ed color for it. This will be shifted by -2dp on top, and 2dp on right, so it feels like the address-bar-background has a shadow. (Still I'm skeptical about the top, as the View actually is not within the window bounds, and might be cropped on top, hence that view wouldn't show up :( )
We recently switched to a full screen tabs tray and I just came across this old bug.
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