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accessing properties in window.navigator crashes browser


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(1 file, 4 obsolete files) crashes the Browser within gaia. I just get a nice frowny face.

Source code:

    for (var prop in navigator) {
        document.write('<dt>' + prop + '</dt><dd>' + navigator[prop] + '</dd>');
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Keywords: crash, testcase
Andrea, can you take a look?
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yes. It crashes here: document.write(navigator.mozSms);
/me working on it...
The reason why we have this crash using navigator.mozSms is:

1. if (!AppProcessHasPermission(this, "sms")) fails

2. it fails because in AppProcessHasPermission:
   TabParent* tab = static_cast<TabParent*>(aActor);
   nsCOMPtr<mozIApplication> app = tab->GetApp();
   here app is nullptr;

Probably we should not have navigator.mozSms if the current app/browser doesn't have the permissions for it. If this is what we want, I can fix it. I need a feedback.
It looks like we are doing a IPC call *before* checking the permission...

Here is what happens:
* Navigator::GetMozSms is called in the browser context
* Navigator::IsSmsSupported is called to check if the platform actually have a WebSMS backend (1)
* SmsManager::CheckPermissionAndCreateInstance (which is new to me) is a method that checks the permission then return an object if everything is fine (2)
* The object is returned (or null)

We likely crash at (1) because we have no permission in the browser app so when we do the IPC call to check for SMS support, we get killed by the main process (seems that this thing works \o/). We should clearly not do (1) before (2).

I think there are two solutions and both are pretty trivial:
1. Just move (1) after (2) but I don't really like it because that would require to nullify mSmsManager after setting it.
2. Given that all the logic already happens in SmsManager, we could just add the support check in that huge-method-that-I-don't-like-but-is-already-there-anyway. Doing that would be pretty trivial.
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However, I'm not a big fan of the design. Mostly, having IsSmsSupported staying in Navigator sounds weird.

What do you think of this:
mSmsManager = GetInstanceIfAllowed(aWindow);
if (mSmsManager->IsSmsSupported()) {
  mSmsManager = nullptr;

That way, we prevent, by design, to have IsSmsSupported() being called without the permissions. Feel free to chose a better name for the method.

I know that design contradicts things I said above... :)
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what about this second patch?
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patch b

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::: dom/sms/src/SmsManager.cpp
@@ +89,5 @@
> +  NS_ENSURE_TRUE(smsService, nullptr);
> +
> +  bool result = false;
> +  smsService->HasSupport(&result);
> +  NS_ENSURE_TRUE(result, nullptr);

Don't use NS_ENSURE_TRUE here. If the |result| is false, it will warn but there is no reason to warn so you should have a simple if (!result) { return nullptr; }
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I don't see any Try results posted, so I've pushed this to be safe. I'll land it if the push is green.
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