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Adapt translator/Java source to nullptr


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The global change from nsnull to nullptr manually changed generated parser code so that some nsnull instances became nullptr and some became 0. Need to change the translator and/or the Java code so that translation results in proper nsnull-free output.
Depends on: 626472
Summary: Adapts traslator/Java source to nullptr → Adaps translator/Java source to nullptr
Summary: Adaps translator/Java source to nullptr → Adapt translator/Java source to nullptr
Attached patch Adapt to nullptr (obsolete) — Splinter Review
The cases where nsnull was changed to 0 instead of nullptr in the files that are supposed to be generated fell into two categories:
1) Invoking the special operator= in autoJArray
2) Representing undefined namespace when the accessor is called with an out-of-bounds index.

I addressed the first case by editing jArray.h. To address the second case, I opted to remove the handling for out-of-bounds indeces, because the accessors are always called with a valid index into Gecko thanks to the way the index is obtained at all call sites. On the Java side, I added variants of the by-index accessors that's don't check for out-of-bounds. I then exposed to these new accessors to C++ instead of the old ones. The assertions that I added on the Java side but that don't get translated to C++ yet are there in anticipation of bug 503190. Note that the assertions are unnecessary in Java, because the JVM is guaranteed to check for array bounds anyway.
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Adapt to nullptr, with OS X compiler support

Argh. This still causes compiler warnings.
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I give up trying to get rid of compiler warnings. In GCC 4.6.3 decltype(nullptr) seems to be long int rather than std::nullptr_t. Sigh.
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