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Debugger mochitests leak when run separately


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Firefox 18


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Debugger mochitests currently leak if you run them one by one, or as a set, but not if they run as part of the whole mochitest-other suite. We should fix this. 

Mihai made the terrific diagnosis that DH_allowConnection holds on to various DOMWindows. I'm testing a patch with more extensive changes right now.
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This fixes the leaks, but 2 tests are broken. The bug is probably in the tests and I hope to have it figured out tomorrow.
Attached patch Patch v2 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This version fixes all the leaks. The culprit was the _allowConnection handler as Mihai discovered, so we now make sure to clear it on DebuggerServer.destroy(). After adding a few more cleanups there, it became important to carefully coordinate shutdown and opening in the notification box that appears when the user tries to open another debugger in a second tab (or window). We now wait for the Debugger:Shutdown event before opening the second debugger, so everything works as before.

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Patch v2

 function run_test()
   // Allow incoming connections.
-  DebuggerServer.init(function () { return true; });
+  DebuggerServer.init(function () true);

can you get that down to just 3 characters? :)

I wish I had something funnier to say here. R+.
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Last try push had a couple of oranges in the modified unit test, so I made it more robust. The same issue with restarting the server after it shuts down that I mentioned in comment 2. Try run was clean this time:
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