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Create service property functions for desktop linux bluetooth


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Android devs wrote their own dbus calls so they don't get back XML blocks for Service functions like on desktop. However, since we'd like to support desktop at some point (and a least for testing), we need equivilents that can make the desktop functions act like the android functions.
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Summary: [b2g-bluetooth] Create service property functions for desktop B2G → Create service property functions for desktop linux bluetooth
For m-i builds, recently the message

> I/Gonk    (  109): dbus_func_args_timeout_valist: D-Bus error in GetServiceAttributeValue: org.bluez.Error.Failed (GetServiceAttribute Failed)

started to show up in logcat when trying to connect to a device. It seems like Android stopped supporting this interface, and I couldn't find a related string in external/bluetooth/ or external/dbus/. Since I had problems with connecting the phone to my headset, I removed the respective DBus call from the Bluetooth system. Seems to fix this issue at least.
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Remove usage of GetDeviceAttributeValue

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I hate android's bluez implementation. I hate it so much. ;.;
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> I hate android's bluez implementation. I hate it so much. ;.;

Well, at least this comment made me laugh. :D

Last time I tried, I still had connecting problems with m-i, even though the patch was installed. The phone wants to pair with the headset, but then tells me to check if the device is still in range. I didn't have time to further check what's going on.
We really don't want to do the XML parsing in C++. Making this depend on dbus being in js.
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Linux bluetooth implementation was ripped out years ago.
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