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There is no field named 'actual_time' when generating reports


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Bugzilla 4.2


(Reporter: ahmed, Assigned: LpSolit)


(Keywords: regression)


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Steps to reproduce:

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Perl: v5.10.1

I did a "Tabular reports" with Vertical axis set to "Actual Hours" and Horizontal axis set to "Assignee" and selected all Products, Components, Statuses and Resolutions. But the report always come out with "There is no field named 'actual_time'."

I am testing with an "admin" user and I have the parameter "timetrackinggroup" set to "timetracking" group; I have also tested the issue when "timetrackinggroup" is set to "editbugs" group in an attempt to test if this parameter is causing the issue, but the same issue still occurs.

I have also tried generating reports on Bugzilla 4.2.1 and the issue still takes place. And I installed a plain 4.3.3 to test this issue, and it still happens.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Reports > Tabular reports (and also Graphical reports)
2. Vertical Axis: Actual Hours
3. Horizontal Axis: Assignee
4. Select all Products, all Components, all Statuses and all Resolutions (and also tried selecting none)
5. Hit "Generate Report"

Actual results:

There is no field named 'actual_time'.

Expected results:

Display a tabular report with the "Actual Hours" against "Assignees"
actual_time is the old name for work_time. is supposed to take care of this, but this is clearly not the case.
Ever confirmed: true
Keywords: regression
Target Milestone: --- → Bugzilla 4.2
Ah, the problem is that Bugzilla::Search::COLUMNS states that:

    # Backward-compatibility for old field names. Goes new_name => old_name.
    # These are here and not in _translate_old_column because the rest of the
    # code actually still uses the old names, while the fielddefs table uses
    # the new names (which is not the case for the fields handled by
    # _translate_old_column).
    my %old_names = (
        creation_ts => 'opendate',
        delta_ts    => 'changeddate',
        work_time   => 'actual_time',

So we have a mix of old and new field names within the codebase, which is responsible for this mess.
I will have to hack report.cgi to take care of this. Moreover, all links are broken in tabular reports due to this actual_time/work_time mismatch. This seems to be the single field to suffer from this problem.
Assignee: charting → LpSolit
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Flags: blocking4.2.4+
Attached patch patch, v1Splinter Review
This patch fixes both the "invalid name" problem thrown by Bugzilla::Field->check but also links in tabular reports.
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patch, v1

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