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Update gonk-toolchain to support building OMX-in-gecko


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I thought this would be trivial but it's turning into a tar baby.  Fighting some C++ includes right now.

The toolchain produced from this work won't be publicly publishable (sigh), so we'll have to choose how the bits are pushed around.  It's fine for them to live on mozilla servers that aren't publicly accessibly (like OS X, windows, etc.).
Could do a PR, but this is mostly to exchange information for now.  This could land upstream a month from now.
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The includes from stlport/ conflict with some from ndk/.  We need to include some of the stlport dirs directly, but we also need jni.h for the omx code here, which is brought in through ndk/.  It's not wise to let ndk and stlport fight over their headers, so instead we just directly include what we need.  There's no reason a priori that the stlport directory layout would change more than the ndk's.

This patch should allow both versions of the toolchain to work until we move to the new one.
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Could you explain what this bug actually means?
We need to build a new toolchain to support building OMX-decoder-built-into-gecko (bug 759506).  Unfortunately, this also requires a gecko patch.
Blocks: 759506
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I confirmed with the patch here, m-c builds without bug 759506, and with the new toolchain applied it also builds.
Pointing at new b2g-toolchain on mozilla-central:

Green on try
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