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nsConsoleService posts LogMessageRunnables to the event queue uselessly even when there are no observers


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nsConsoleService posts LogMessageRunnables to the event queue uselessly even when there are no observers. This results in huge amounts of memory being retained uselessly until the LogMessageRunnables execute. If there are very many or very large messages (or both, in the worst case) this can easily push the system into swap.
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See Also: → 786108
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I've got a patch already which I'm preparing to upload now.
To elaborate slightly: Quoting Neil from bug 786108 comment #8...
> > There are 892 instances of the string "writing-mode" in the encoded SVG
> > document, each of which triggers a warning-message with a ~1 MB URL embedded
> > in it.  So that's 1 GB of memory right there.
> Fortunately we only keep the last 250 console messages.

So, as Seth said in comment 0 here, we create a runnable for every errors to be posted to the error console, and the runnable keeps its URI-string alive until it's executed.  These _runnables_ aren't capped to 250 (though the actual list of error-console-messages is).

So, while we parse a stylesheet, we can generate an unbounded number of these runnables in the event queue and hence generate an unbounded number of copies of the URI-string.  (After bug 786108, they should all share the same URI-string, but it's still worth avoiding them in the first place if we can.)
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Lazily create and launch the LogMessageRunnable only if we have observers. Shows massive reduction in memory usage on the test case; before it was entering swap on a machine with 16 GB of RAM, while with this patch it tops out at ~1 GB.
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Indeed; bug 786108 greatly reduces the impact of this issue for this specific test case because of sharing between the URI strings, but even with that fix in place, a huge number of unnecessary LogMessageRunnables are still created. And, of course, this may happen in other circumstances that bug 786108 doesn't address, so it's worth fixing this issue directly.
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See Also: 786108
Ah, whoops, thanks.
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Bug 795086 - Make nsConsoleService only post a LogMessageRunnable to the event queue if there are any observers for it.

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There was some infra-related purple/red in that try run, but there was enough green (and the change is minimally-invasive-enough) that I don't think we need to worry about missing those jobs.

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