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Run other tests (besides PGO tests) on Valgrind builds on test machines


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Currently we run Valgrind builds and test them (through PGO tests) on build machines. We should run tests on test machines instead of build machines, and run more tests instead of just PGO tests.

Things to do:
1. Upload Valgrind builds somewhere.
2. Create new jobs for them to run on test slaves.
3. Get Valgrind installed on test slaves.
4. Integrate other testsuites to run on this Valgrind configuration.
5. Patch these testsuites to adjust timeouts, etc. For example, Julian mentions he has a patch customized for running mochitests to account for the fact that Valgrind builds are slower.


IRC chat w/ catlee for reference:

gkw: catlee: do you know what it would take to run other tests (mochitests, reftests, etc.) on test machines for Valgrind builds?
catlee: gkw: do they need to run with the custom valgrind builds, or can they run against the stock builds?
gkw: catlee: they need to run against the valgrind builds, but ideally on test machines
gkw: to avoid environment / machines specific issues on build machines
catlee: gkw: right. that's non-trivial
catlee: gkw: need to upload the valgrind builds somewhere, and then create new jobs for them to run on the test slaves, and also get valgrind installed on the test slaves
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