post-process Bango payment

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Mac OS X


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after receiving a successful Bango payment via URL redirect, do the following
- verify the Bango request (using their token API, details TBD)
- notify the app that initiated the payment (this is similar to how in-app payments used to work, code is re-usable)
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I split out the notifications into bug 798059
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Comment 2

6 years ago
Per initial comment, action on this bug requires details of the Bango token API. Requesting more info from Kumar, who presumably knows where to get the details from.

Given comment #1, I /think/ this bug can also be changed to "verify Bango payment request."
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Hi Gregory. The Relay API explains how to verify tokens

This may not be the exact way to do it though. We are waiting on Bango for details; it looks like we will generate a different token with the Billing API then they will use that to verify that Mozilla initiated the relay.
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(In reply to Kumar McMillan [:kumar] from comment #3)
> Hi Gregory. The Relay API explains how to verify tokens

For more context, this is not the exact API we will use to do our relay. Bango has mentioned that we will have a way to generate a server side token to initiate our custom relay flow more securely. We still don't know which API we will use for generating that token though.
Not on-device - removing nom.
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Keir says this is ready to go.

Sample GET redirect that we need to process on our server:

These are custom fields we can pass via the Billing Config api:

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webpay side landed:

This allows a secure app purchase and install!
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