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Talos on Windows on Gecko 17 is busted trying to post to datazilla


(Release Engineering :: General, defect, P3)

Windows 7


(Not tracked)



(Reporter: philor, Unassigned)


(Whiteboard: [datazilla])


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NOISE: Outputting datazilla results to
NOISE: datazilla: https//; oauth=True
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 298, in ?
  File "", line 295, in main
  File "", line 271, in run_tests
    talos_results.output(results_urls, **results_options)
  File "c:\talos-slave\talos-data\talos\", line 77, in output
    _output.output(results, url)
  File "c:\talos-slave\talos-data\talos\", line 391, in output, results_server, results_path, results_scheme)
  File "c:\talos-slave\talos-data\talos\", line 472, in post
    responses = req.submit()
  File "c:\talos-slave\talos-data\talos\", line 194, in submit
  File "c:\talos-slave\talos-data\talos\", line 225, in send
    req = oauth.Request(method="POST", url=uri, parameters=params)
  File "c:\talos-slave\talos-data\talos\oauth2\", line 350, in __init__
    v = to_unicode_optional_iterator(v)
  File "c:\talos-slave\talos-data\talos\oauth2\", line 135, in to_unicode_optional_iterator
    assert 'is not iterable' in str(e)
program finished with exit code 1
Ok, so this is a rerun of bug 789972, and hurts on aurora because
points at rev 38e088867f7b of talos, which is older than
which fixes this issue.

So the options are
A) ateam updates talos.json on aurora
B) releng disable datazilla on aurora until ateam has a chance to do 1
Assignee: nobody → nthomas
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Thanks for taking care of this, and sorry :(. I'll try to figure out why my staging run didn't fail like this.
I've reconfigured the masters to pick the patch up, and retried the failed jobs on aurora rev 6db116c397b1.

Over to jhammel to update the talos code, and then we can back out the config change.
Assignee: nthomas → jhammel
(In reply to Ben Hearsum [:bhearsum] from comment #4)
> Thanks for taking care of this, and sorry :(. I'll try to figure out why my
> staging run didn't fail like this.

Turns out that my final tests were only done on Linux, so I didn't catch this Windows-specific problem. My initial tests were on all platforms, but they were only done on mozilla-central. Thanks again for fixing this up folks.
Do we want to update the talos.json on aurora to point to the same that m-c uses, or "other"?
Any with the fix should be fine.
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point aurora to modern

Review of attachment 666682 [details] [diff] [review]:

I really don't like this idea.  What have we changed since our last merge 5 weeks ago?  We could regress numbers or break other things.

r- until we know what changed since the last uplift and can determine a risk assessment.
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Not sure what we want to do then.  Unassigning
Assignee: jhammel → nobody
I guess we can wait until 18 merges to aurora and picks up the new datazilla.
is that next week?
Yeah. Monday/Tuesday
Summary: Talos on Windows on mozilla-aurora is busted trying to post to datazilla → Talos on Windows on Gecko 17 is busted trying to post to datazilla
what's next here?
Priority: -- → P3
Whiteboard: [datazilla]
did our uplift happen, is 17 on beta now and it is failing?  Maybe we could push a hotfix to talos for 17 if this is still a problem for a specific branch.
We decided to wait for 18. See bug 794593.
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